We Have Moved - Now Located Inside the Body Bar in Orangeville - Everything Remains the Same

Attention, beauty junkies of Shelburne! This is the place to go for all your injectable and beauty needs.

Nurse Injector Crystal isn't messing around when it comes to giving you flawless skin and tight wrinkles. With her years of experience injections aren't just done with a needle--she does it with a magician's wand! From Botox to fillers, PDO threads to medical grade skincare and laser hair removal, she has everything you need for sassy confidence. So don’t be afraid to show off that beautiful face knowing that every line will look amazing!

You should have seen Crystal's work before and after shots - complete jaw-dropping transformations! All her treatments are reasonably priced so you can feel comfortable about getting them without breaking the bank. Plus since she loves what she does, there's an extra layer of passion in each treatment which translates into awesome results. Make Nurse Injector Crystal your one stop shop for beauty needs today!

Listen up, gorgeous! Crystal's assembled a fierce team of beauty bosses to elevate your self-care game. These mamas know how to spoil you rotten and help you look and feel like a million bucks. From medical aesthetics to luscious lashes and dreamy hair extensions, we've got you covered. Don't wait another second to indulge in some serious pampering - our experts are ready to make you feel like a queen. Book your appointment now!

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Meet KAT, Our Aesthetician and Skincare Extraordinaire!

Introducing Kat, the multi-talented beauty guru. A master aesthetician, kickass personal trainer, and the proud owner of a personality that outshines the sun. Once you lock eyes with her, expect instant comfort and tranquility. Brace yourself, because she's itching to meet you and whip your beauty game into shape. Get ready to conquer all your beauty goals with Kat by your side.

Meet Dana, Our Lash Extension Magical Wizard!

Listen up, beauties! Meet Dana, the lash wizard with over six years of experience. Not only does she have a personality fit for the gods, but she'll make you feel right at home as soon as you plop your booty down in her chair. Not to mention, this gal truly listens to your wants and needs and customizes your treatment for that perfect lash look. But wait, there's more - she's also a mom of two wild boys and totally welcomes the kiddos to join in on the fun. Need a little something extra? Dana also offers teeth whitening, tooth jewelry, lash lifts and tints, laser hair removal, and facial waxing. Trust us, you won't regret booking with this lash queen. Dana can't wait to meet ya!

Someone is Joining the Team of Of Exceptional Beauty Experts...  

Hold onto your beauty products, hun! There's a juicy surprise coming to Beyond Beauty. Will it be nails? Permanent make up? Hair extensions? Massage therapy? Who knows?! But no worries, because signing up for our emails will put you in the know. Trust us, you won't wanna miss this! Click below, gorgeous.

Hey Moms, it’s time to put yourself first!

You don’t need to worry about getting a babysitter or taking time away from your kids when you get injectables. Nurse Injector Crystal has got your back.

Flexible scheduling and child friendly environment makes the whole process so much easier for busy moms like you. Our sassy injectable nurse will provide you with a safe, personalized experience that puts YOU first - not just your responsibilities as a mom.

Get ready for turn heads in style with beautiful injections designed especially for you! Enjoy smoother skin, longer-lasting volume in lips and cheeks and reduced wrinkles without ever leaving home because of childcare issues. Your confidence will be elevated after each visit – without feeling guilty about needing some “me time” away from the children.

Book an appointment today with Nurse Injector Crystal - putting yourself AND your kids first while looking fresh and fabulous!

Are you looking for a sassy and funny nurse injector?

Meet Nurse Injector Crystal! She has been in the medical industry for over nine years and loves helping people feel their best. From long-term care, to dental, to working as a business development manager, she brings experience from all corners of the healthcare sector. Plus her spunky and funny attitude makes appointments with Nurse Injector Crystal an enjoyable experience each time.

With her extensive knowledge combined with her wit and charm, you are guaranteed to get top-notch quality treatments that will have you beaming with confidence after every appointment! Whether you’re looking for anti-aging services or facial contouring enhancements, we guarantee that Nurse Injector Crystal has got your back—and face—covered!

Schedule an appointment today on our website and let Nurse Injector crystal take your beauty routine up all the levels - plus make it fun while doing so!

Sick of being told what to do by traditional aesthetic practitioners?

Nurse Injector Crystal is shaking up the medical aesthetics industry, one sassy remark at a time! With her mission for transparency and honesty, she's sure to keep you laughing and informed at the same time. Get to know your injector before getting any treatment done - ask all the questions that have been bothering you!

Feel like a VIP with personalized treatments tailored for each individual patient. No pressure or judgement here - only amazing service to make you look and feel your best no matter what age or stage in life.

Come in today for an assessment with Nurse Injector Crystal and get ready to laugh until it hurts while also receiving exceptional care!