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I did the hardwork of putting these packages together, you can reep the benefits, while not needing to think. Perfectly paired services for men, woman, couples, besties and teenagers. You're welcome :)

Botox with My

Everyone is doing it, you aren't "Cluleless". Kathy doesn't look that way because she had a good sleep, trust me. Send out a customized e-vite to tell your friends that, you know their dirty secret, you want in, your hosting a party and they better show up. Don't be a "Mean Girl" invite everyone.

(PSA, if you know exactly what movies I am refrencing here, you need Botox.)

Why Should Ladies Have All the Fun?

Gentleman, I hear about you. I hear that your wife/girlfriend doesn't tell you that she gets work done, I hear she has a seperate account to pay for her treatments so you don't know, I know when you go away because she comes to get her lips done. I already know about you.

I have had the pleasure of treating men in my practice for laser hair removal, Botox, filler, hair restoration facials and more. Just because your buddies aren't talking about it, doesn't mean they arent doing it. I want you to know that when you have a treatment done your secret is safe with me, promise.

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